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Do You Have What It Takes To Trasform Your Life In 12 Weeks?

"You Won't Be The Same Person After The Injection Of Turbo Higher Intelligence In Your Brain. I'll Force YOU To Succeed - No Matter What - No Ifs - No Buts... You'll Get the  Know-How To Generate Results On Demand,  Use & Sell your resources, and become an Example to those you love and care. This is a GUARANTEE, not a promise." - John Delavera

Facts about John Delavera

Only Results Count, hence facts speak for themselves.


Ex. Advocate At Law

National Wide Top lawyer for 17 years with an LL.B, M.Sc. in Criminology, University of Edinburgh, specialising in cybercrime and Internet law featured in top magazines, articles and televised media as "The Sheriff of the Internet."

Interviewed by Reuters international news agency.


From Zero To Hero

John started as a newbie and had to compete with the USA-centric HARD CORE Internet Marketers. It was not easy. He also had to change his career due to his hearing disability. He then had to fight with depression for 8 years. He survived, and today is a living Internet Marketing Legend.

A Fully Deserved Turbo Lifestyle at Its Best


What Mark Joyner, the Father of Internet Marketing, says about John

"John Delavera is one of the cleverest marketing minds I've ever encountered. You could drop a bomb on this guy and he'd figure out a way to turn it to his advantage. If you want to learn how to manufacture marketing miracles that will solve almost every problem, John is your guy."

Creator of the "1-million-dollar" DELAVO project

Over $1,000,000 spent on development since 2004 -  Even in the eight years John was offline (due to his depression) DELAVO lived on... not once in his absence could it be cracked, did it break or did it let him, or any of his clients down...


"We've relied on DELAVO since 2009 to run the backend of our business for years now. Not only is it rock solid and reliable, it has some of the most powerful profit-boosting features available anywhere."

- Mark Joyner, Founder and CEO of Simpleology

"John Is The ONLY Inernet Marketing friend I know who delivered products to my business that have been working for 12+ YEARS So Far Without Headaches and yes I'm taking all the generations of DELAVO, Fantasos and JVmanager!"

JayKay Bak
The Unselfish Marketer


Over 240,500 Sales $4,500,000+

(Results are NOT typical. You can do more. You can do less. But you will get the know-how and the INTELLIGENCE to initiate your success on demand.)


What Henry Gold Says About John

"John helped me to increase the revenue of my campaign by more than 45%"


JVZoo Premium Affiliate - Over 6,000 Sales & Less Than 3% Refund Ratio

(Results are NOT typical. You can do more. You can do less. But you will get the know-how and the INTELLIGENCE to repeat success on demand.)


What Edmund Loh Says About John

"I owe my initial success to John Delavera... He's a visionary..."  


Over 360 Completed Projects Via Outsourcing

With 250 reviews from developers ALL RATED WITH 5 STARS.


Here Are Just Some Of The Reasons Why Your "Future Self" Will THANK YOU For Becoming A Success Marine:

Rest assured only polymaths like John can teach what you will learn. There aren't many polymaths in the Internet Marketing's arena.

  1. THE CONSUMER SHOCK - You'll get an EPIPHANY moment (that can make you cry) when you realize the FATAL mistakes you've repeatedly been doing when ordering Internet Marketing products. Hint: You buy to SELL what YOU SHOULD NEVER SELL. 
  2. THE BEE SYNDROME - You'll realize HOW and WHY you're killing, aka. wasting your time online and how you can make your day worth much more than you'd ever imagine. Hint: You can't imagine it.
  3. THE COLOSSAL LIE - You'll get astonished when you apprehend the TRUTH about Internet Marketing. Hint: It's hidden from all the books, courses, seminars, webinars and whatever information offered today. John paid over $70,000 to reach that knowledge and pass it to you.
  4. YOUR REAL PASSION - You'll laugh when you realize how easy is to locate the unique skill that will allow you to bring food on the table on a daily basis. Hint: You'd discover what your inner power only through hypnosis or psychotherapy.
  5. THE LEONIDAS ELEMENT - You will be trained to act as one of the 300 Spartans that managed to almost defeat the hordes of Persians - see: competitors. Hint: After the coaching, you'll become the great leader in a future YOU will create for yourself the way you've always been wishing. Rest assured that EVERYBODY around you, especially your wife/husband will NOTICE the changes...
  6. THE PROCRASTINATION ANTIDOTE - Your family, friends, and colleagues won't be able to explain how you manage to do so many things in one day. Hint: You'll need to apply specific rituals in your life on a daily basis.
  7. THE EINSTEIN METHOD - You'll be flabbergasted by the simplicity of a method that will transform you into an idea generator and money making machine. Hint: It has nothing to do with any digital application or program.
  8. THE DA VINCI TURBO CODE - Everybody talks about website traffic aka. the Holy Grail of the Internet Marketing Success. It is indeed, but not the way you think about it. Hint: Forget SEO. Focus on Humans.
  9. THE CORNSTICKS METHOD - A practical ritual that will add daily profits in your wallet by using your existing resources. Hint: Everything is "there" - all you need is to schedule your success - daily.
  10. HIDDEN MATH & LOGISTICS - With this specific knowledge and the detailed informational facts, Paypal (as no 1 payment way) will never shut down your account. Hint: Had John not been a non-US marketer, he'd have never learned those secrets - and he wasted thousands of dollars on mistakes you can avoid. Plus, you'll learn how to become invisible online - if that is what you wish.
  11. YOU: PHOENIX - You'll learn how to survive from the most catastrophic and disastrous situations in your life, and turn all the bombs against you as your very best advantages, the same way John has been doing that in his life. 
  12. ANCIENT STABLE PRINCIPLES - You'll start thinking and acting using the logic of Aristotle, Plato's approach on life, Socratic's dialectic method, Archimedes' genious mind, Heraclitus' realization and more you could never imagine... Hint: John has that DNA running in his blood - it's a fact, and you'll witness it.

Do YOU Qualify To Become A Success Marine?

The program lasts for 12 weeks and is intensive:

It demands dedication, perseverance, commitment and actions from both parties. It's a program that is tailored to your personal and business needs.

You can apply if you answer YES to ALL the following questions:

  • Are you able to attend a weekly 60+minute one-on-one face to face live session with John for the next 12 weeks?
  • Are you willing to proceed with instructions, even if sometimes you do not get the whole picture at the beginning?
  • Are you ready to stand by via email or SMS in case John needs you to act instantly in certain circumstances?
  • Do you have a basic knowledge of HTML so you can edit a page online?
  • Dou know how to use cPanel in your hosting account so to upload and download files?

"Before the coaching" testimonials

Click on the Play button below to watch what the Success Marines had said when they started the coaching.

"After the coaching" testimonials

Being a successful Life Coach for years, Jeff Harding from Hawaii completed the Success Marines' coaching successfully, and today is a Certified DELAVO Agent and John's business partner.

After years of trials and failures, Victor Maat from The Netherlands, completed the Success Marines' coaching successfully, and today applies a speficic plan having found his personal path in his Internet Marketing Journey .

Having being blocked by the "shinning-objects" and the analysis-paralysis syndrome for over a decade, Bakari Masudi from Kenya, completed the coaching successfully, and today is a co-coach with John to special sessions within the Success Marines' coaching.

You're in good hands.

What John's Loyal Fans Say:

“In the world of IM today, there are more 'cons' than 'pros'. As one who has known John for his entire IM career, I can say with full confidence, that there is no other marketer online today, who puts more of his own character and integrity into every product he releases. If there were an honor for "The Worlds Greatest Marketer", I have no doubt, John Delavera would be the first recipient, and certainly deserving. In the IM world, he is the ultimate 'pro'!”

ZJ Free

“John, you're the NUMBER ONE marketer I trust and admire amongst others. And you're so inspiring in helping others. No doubt you have an angel heart in giving your hands to your people to see their dreams come true!”

Sudarmaji Lamiran

“John's impact on my marketing life has been huge.

I have experienced rapid growth over the past couple of years and I know I am only scratching the surface of what there is left to learn from John. I am not only referring to the products he creates, which are awesome, but more importantly the knowledge gained along the way.

One of the biggest lessons I have learned from John is to "Take Action". I know that term is used a lot but let it sink in, absorb it and really see what it means to "Take Action" and the results will happen.

I've never met John in person although I would really enjoy meeting him very much should it ever happen. Still I have a sense of the man and I can describe him as complex, a deep thinker and extremely intelligent. I am very much looking forward to continuing the journey, The Best is Yet to Come!”

Larry McCann

“John Delavera is a Mirror - is the looking glass through which I can clearly see the online marketing world. Through John's work, his writings, his emails, our conversations, I can better understand and interpret the fast moving online marketing world.

He is my link to learning, my guide to new online marketing tools, and my filter to all the crazy, hyped upped, new-fangled offers emerging daily in this online space.

John is Trust.
John is ever-changing and adapting.
But most of all John is the Vision”

Jack Zenert

"There are billions of people on this Earth and I'm not the greatest person for expressing myself in words, still working on that 🙂 but I can say John Delavera has to have the biggest heart of them all and truly helps others to succeed in business and life.

John thanks for all you do, have done and will do in the future.”

Michael Wright

“John is the marketer to be emulated by all seeking not just success, but long-term lasting success. He does not merely give you the answers to powerful questions, but instead guides you through the search to find the answers on your own. He feels strongly that the best knowledge to gain is that which you can personally take credit for having, as it will ALWAYS carry more weight due to the personal equity you have in it, thereby reducing your resistance to follow the knowledge onward to a successful ending.

In this uncanny way, John Delavera is truly a mentor who actually understands what it means to mentor: Do not simply provide the desired result, but teach, through self-reliance, followed by strong cohesiveness as a member of like-minded goal-oriented individuals, a system by which the result is most assuredly attainable.”

Joseph Mcfarland

“You have to meet him and spend a couple days in a room with him and his superstar marketing buddies, famous people who swoop in with their entourages and their flight bags ready for departure after they speak, because they are there for an amazing guy, John Delavera.

I had this amazing opportunity and was blown away. I can't even list all the A-list people who attended but you would know 90% of them by name.

John Delavera is one of the most influential and talented people I've ever met.

Frankly, I marked him as a top hypnotist because his speaking style just pulls you in and you get locked in the most pleasant trance -- and you begin to see what he sees. He has developed systems of marketing over the years that are absolutely mind-blowing.

I adore the man...”

David Simone

“For anyone who does not know John, make an effort to get to know him, he is generous and intelligent and is constantly innovating. I have followed his online endeavors since 2005 and know him to be trustworthy and worth the respect that I certainly have for him - long may your power prevail.”

Brian Collins

“John Delavera is someone who I trust when I need for advice and action plan to get more results. John is very generous and always over deliver whenever I need something from him (Thanks John :)). I admire him for his knowledge in the marketing fields and generosity, and always inspired by his story telling style of teaching, especially the Delaverian Code”

Erwin Goh

“John is one of THE wisest information and services providers on the internet and I continue to be astounded by the extent of wisdom, knowledge and advice that he freely gives to his people."

Marcus Alphaeus

“I have been following John for many years now. The innovative and amazing products he seems to churn out with consummate ease never fail to amaze me."

Michael Claasz

“John teaches constantly and consistently. I always trust in what he says and the knowledge he passes along to those striving for achievement. I don't always understand it immediately but when I am ready to understand, I do.

I have not yet met him in person, and there are not many I would like to meet in person. But I look forward to the day when I am able to thank him in person for being a leader, always striving to do his best, and sharing his wisdom and learning.

I have been following him for years and still learn more about him and his methods every post I read. It's nice to have a nice large stone in the pool of Marketing to look out from and see their point of view” -

Ben Holmes